Realtree AP Xtra -

This new camo pattern blends perfectly year round in a variety of habitats. It blends best from the leaf change of fall through winter, then again in early spring before green-out.

The versatile new camo design includes tree trunks, large and small limbs, leaves of many types and colors, and large open areas.

Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity -

Featuring unprecedented depth, unequalled detail and elements with remarkable contrast, Break-Up Infinity truly offers hunters another dimension in camo.

Each element – leaves, limbs, acorns and branches – was selected to create unmatched realism and contrast to break up a hunter’s silhouette. Then they were placed over multiple layers of actual images from the woods to create a multi-dimensional depth of field unlike any camouflage ever created.


Break-Up Infinity is the first pattern ever that you can actually look into much the same way you look into the woods.

Widowmaker Camo -

WIDOWMAKER® offers lifelike trees, branches, leaves and the general background where all were assembled to give the hunter the ability to conceal their outline.


Each definitive object from the trees to the background was layered up in color tones to break the lines of the hunter when either stand hunting or stalking. From the light to dark browns to the light colored greens, they all blend to give the hunter true non-conformity when in the field.

Mossy Oak Duck Blind -

With its unique blend of camouflage elements, Duck Blind is easily the most diverse waterfowl pattern available. As effective in cut corn as it is in standing timber, Duck Blind is the uniform for hardcore waterfowlers everywhere.


Duck Blind is built on a base background of true dirt colors with different tones to represent wet and dry ground with added elements of millet, wild oats, corn stalks, phragmites, Johnson grass, soybeans and native grasses.


The unique shadows enhance depth and create a 3D effect, while the muted shades of brown, tan, gray and soft black work well for blending into virtually any waterfowl environment.

Realtree Max-4 -

Realtree Max-4 ® wetlands camo is one of the most successful duck hunting camo patterns ever designed. It is the culmination of Bill Jordan’s years of experience creating and marketing camo designs.


The Max-4 camo design features cattails, millet, milo, cornstalks, sunflowers, oak and maple leaves, cedar and oak limbs, and a variety of other plant life. The pattern offers maximum effectiveness as waterfowl camo in any open terrain—without geographical limitations.

Realtree Max - 1 -

Realtree Max-1 camo lets hunters in broad terrain melt into their surroundings. Max-1 camo combines the perfect balance of neutral earth tones, prairie grasses, brush, rock, sage and open zones—with just a hint of shadow detail for added depth and realism.


Use the versatile Realtree Max-1 camo pattern as your go-to for hunting sage-covered hillsides, mesquite flats, croplands and wide-open prairies. Also choose it for deserts and rocky terrain.


Realtree Max-1 ® is the one to wear for hunting mule deer, whitetail, pronghorn, elk, bighorn and turkey. It's an ideal predator hunting camo, too.

Realtree AP -

Realtree AP camo is neutral, open, contrasty, and realistic. Everything a hunting camo needs to be versatile and effective.

Plus, we’ve improved our already advanced High Definition ® printing process so the pattern also stands up to the real-life effects of nature and your washing machine and holds its contrast. The AP means all purpose. We’re certain you’ll agree it lives up to its name.

Mossy Oak Break-Up -

Mossy Oak Break-Up features a computer-enhanced background of digitized red oak bark which is overlaid with a subtly mottled Bottomland pattern.


It also features exclusive "Ghost Shadows" which depict the shading effect of branches and leaves over the elements in the pattern, significantly increasing the three-dimensional effect of original Break-Up.


All of the natural elements in the pattern (bark, leaves and limbs) are computer-enhanced digital images for exceptional realism.

Widowmaker Snow Camo -

WIDOWMAKER® SNOW artfully blends in hardwood trees into a true snow background, making it one of the most effective snow camos around.


With varying shades of white to truly represent shades found in winter (both sun and cloud) combined with bare branched trees and limbs, this pattern gives the hunter a vastly improved ability to achieve success in the field throughout the winter months.