RIVERS WEST is proud to present the 2013 Pro Team.

Nick Ridley
Nick Ridley -

England, UK
Age: 50
Years hunting: 30

Nick Ridley is the UK's leading dog photo grapher and has a passion for shooting gundogs. In 1998 he started what has become one of the highest profile and well respected dog event photography businesses in the country. Nick is also gundog editor for a well known field sports magazine and has written five internationally sold books. The latest "Labradors... at work, rest, and play" and "Spaniels" clearly display his
enthusiasm for photographing dogs working in the shooting field.

Nick lives in rural Buckinghamshire and during his "off-time" he trains and works with two Cocker Spaniels. Nick often says that to watch a well trained gundog do what it has been bred to do for generations is one of the greatest pleasures of his life. "There can be nothing better than walking behind a hard hunting spaniel with a gun in your hand being surrounded by beautiful English countryside."


Alan Jarret
Alan Jarrett -

Alan Jarrett has been wildfowling since 1968. He was born and brought up in Kent, where most of the sport he writes about has been carried out. He made a few early trips to Scotland in pursuit of geese, but then began to venture abroad in search of exotic species. These trips took him to Canada, Iceland and South Africa, where he encountered new sport and new cultures. Now on his 8th wild fowling book, being Volume 2 of his Wild fowling Tales, he publishes 50 tales, this time from the period 1986-1991.

Jarrett hunts a wide range of his days and nights on the coast; where he reflects the diversity and variety of the sport of wildfowling. Through his writing he captures the many natural moods that make the coast and its birds so special.

Chris Green -